About Us

Onyx and Green started in 2013 as a division of the Onyx and Blue Corporation, a company founded by Danny Fonfeder in Montreal and named after his two youngest children, Onyx and Talia Blueberry, who at that time were six and ten years old – to remind him to build something his children would be proud of. The idea behind Onyx and Green products is to create day to day, functional items using products that are organic, environment friendly and leave the smallest possible carbon footprint, while also being reasonably priced and fashionable.

The Greener the Better

Onyx and Green Baby Organics Logo Transparent

The motto «The Greener the Better» has been our driving force and our goal is to do our part to leave a clean, healthy planet for our children and grandchildren to live on. Today, Onyx and Green products can be found in over 35 countries.

Onyx and Green Organic Baby products are made with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton that are machine washable and ideal for all seasons. The cotton is luxuriously soft, of high quality and free of any pesticides or harmful dyes. This line is made to the highest specifications of workmanship and materials, using stylish and coordinated gender neutral colors with a liberal fit for comfort and security of your baby. All packaging is environmentally friendly and printed with vegetable-based inks.

We live on this beautiful planet together so let’s all do our part in preserving it!